Aardvark South Hunsley School Pro 1.2.1 Moodle Theme

I have reworked the popular Aardvark Moodle Theme for the school I was working at, for their Moodle 1.9 install. I have made two variants of this theme, one for the main school and one for the Sixth Form College. There are both essentially the same theme with a few changes to the CSS and a couple of different images.

Unfortunately Shaun Daubney lost all of the Moodle 1.9 versions of the Aardvark themes when he upgraded his servers, so I have based this theme on the Aardvark SVC edit which was in-turn based on Aardvark 1.2.

I have made a few tweaks to the code, but the main change I have made is the ability to define each drop down menu as either:

  • A static menu which you hard-code the links to in the theme files (as per Aardvark 1.2)
  • A dynamic menu which will list all of the courses under a certain category
  • A dynamic menu which will list all the categories under a certain category

Both dynamic menu types will update their links, titles and descriptions as you change the settings in the main Moodle interface.

You can download the blue version of the theme here and the orange version of the theme here.

Please use this blog post to discuss any issues you may have with the theme.

3 thoughts on “Aardvark South Hunsley School Pro 1.2.1 Moodle Theme

  1. Jon, thanks for putting this together. How might I change the color to orange? I didn’t see the link available.

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