Learn Moodle – Week 1

So this week saw the start of Learn Moodle, Moodle’s first MOOC. Now I have been using Moodle for many years, but as we are just about to introduce a VLE at my new school, I thought this course would be an excellent opportunity for myself and teachers at my school to get up to speed with Moodle before we start the process at school.

Now I started with Moodle way back when it was at version 1.5 and when I left my previous school we were at version 1.9. I had spent many hours getting to know Moodle and training many teachers to use it in the T&L. I am also a member of the Moodle Q&A Testing group so spent quite a bit of time testing the features introduced in version 2.0 and 2.1. However it has been some time since I have used Moodle on a regular basis, so I thought it best for me to re-submerse myself in Moodle and get to know what has changed!

So far I am very impressed with the improved UI that is in version 2.5 – things seem a lot cleaner and easier to find. Many of the more “esoteric” settings are now hidden away at first sight, but still easily accessible should you need them.

I am looking forward to spending some more time designing my course and helping others out on the course too. I intend to use this blog post as my reflective journal for this course so will probably be commenting on my own posts quite a bit! 😉

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