Red Drop Down Menus Moodle theme

This entry is for people to discuss the “Red Drop Down Menus” theme I have uploaded to the Moodle themes database.

Red Drop Down Menus Screenshot

Let me know if you have any problems with it or any suggestions…


10 thoughts on “Red Drop Down Menus Moodle theme

  1. Great simple design – love it. I am new to Moodle so I apologise for my simple questions, but how do I change the drop down menues. I am sorry if this is really obvious but I am struggling to get my head around moodle. Thanks

  2. Hi Mark,

    Don’t worry about simple questions; all are welcome here!

    To edit the menus you need to edit the header.html file that is part of the theme. In that file you will find a unordered list (ul) that contains all the menu items. Simply edit these links to reflect the links you want on your moodle theme and upload it to your themes directory.

    If you have direct access to your server (remote desktop or ssh) then you could edit this file on the server in real time to change these links; otherwise you will need to edit them offline and then ftp the file back up to your server.

    Let me know if you are still stuck.


  3. I have edited and uploaded the header.html but the original links still display. I double check by opening the header.html and all my edits are there but not displaying in the browser. The header.html is in the correct directory. What else could be wrong?

  4. Hi Matt,

    How have you got your Moodle site set up?

    It sounds like there is some caching of the files going on. This could either happen in the client browser (ctrl and F5 will clear the browser cache) or on the server. The Windows Complete Installer packages for Moodle have a PHP accelerator enabled that can cause problems with changes to themes not showing up. See this doc post about it:


  5. Can i use this theme for a category or a course ?
    or it has to be the frontpage of the moodle site?
    thanks Irith

    1. @Irith

      You can use this theme where ever you want; but the drop down menu will only appear on the front page… It is not too hard to make it appear on all pages; but I found that having it on all pages made some of the navigation a little clumsy…

  6. Thanks for the great template.

    I have been testing this template on my local server and have been able to change the menu items to link to other websites and also other parts of the moodle site.

    I would like the menu to appear on all the pages. Any pointers?

    1. Yvonne,

      You can make the menu appear on all pages by editing the header.html file. On line 22 of this file, an if statement starts which checks if you are on the home page of the site. If you are on the home page of the site; the menu is displayed; otherwise you get no menu.

      In it’s simplest form you could just remove this if statement so that only the first output of the statement (lines 24 through 59) are outputted.

      The downside with doing this is that the menu will then appear on absolutely every page (chat windows, glossaries etc.). Having tried this before, I found that this was not the best method of displaying the menu.

      There is another method that can be used, which I use in some of my footers to check if the page I am on is within a certain folder on the moodle install… I will have to have a look into this method to see if I can get the menu to display on admin, course and category pages… Are there any other areas you would like the menu to display on?


      1. OK… So if you replace line 22 of the header.html file with the following, the menu will appear on the home page, all course and category pages and all pages within the admin area. It should be fairly easy to edit the line to include any other pages you want the menu to appear on; just look at the folder structure of the URL for the page type you want to see the menu on…


        if ( ($home) | (ereg('.*/course/.*',me() )) | (ereg('.*/admin/.*',me() )) ) { // this is what gets printed on the home page and any pages within course and admin folder

        Watch the line break! this all needs to be on one line!

  7. Hi.

    This is a greate theme.
    First of all sorry for my english.

    I´m having this problem: In a 1.9.7 Moodle platform, I’ve installed the lesson activitie. The menu displays ok, but the content area don’t have an outline.
    I need that the contents to be displayed inside the content area surrounded by a grey line. Similar to the menu and all other resources.

    Best regards.

    César Teixeira

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